Controller & CFO Services

Do you need a new member for your finance team?  Companies are often missing out on the advantages of having a bridge between bookkeeping and tax prep.  Understand the roles of the finance team.

If you find yourself saying, “My financial reports don’t look right to me” or, “I can’t understand my financial statements” it’s time to refresh your accounting team.  Contact GO! if you are ready for a new team member.

GO! will ensure your books are accurate, explain what the reports (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow) are saying, and help you create budgets and projections to manage your business.  Let’s harness the power of the numbers to help you make business decisions and increase your success.

“You bring a level of ‘fun professionalism’ with you that I really appreciate. “

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoy working with you.  You bring a level of ‘fun professionalism’ with you that I really appreciate.  My company is in a much better place because of the work that we’ve done together and I look forward to many more years.”

Dave Henderer, Henderer Design Build

“She makes hard things easy.”

“Jackie is a treasure. Even when I’m faced with a chore that might otherwise be tedious (finances, space planning, negotiating a problem) I know it will be resolved with a dose of fun when I am working with Jackie. She makes hard things easy.”

Lisa Wells, Yoga Guru

Remote-CFO Services

GO! has partnered with Remodelers Advantage to provide members Remote-CFO Services.

Want some help with job cost accounting?  Ensuring your accounting data accurately tells the story of your business is an asset to you as a business owner and GO! can help you write your story. Let’s work together to ensure your financials are accurately reflecting that’s happening in the field.

“…Jackie has the insight and backbone to bring about the required change.”

“When we started working with Jackie, my books seemed to be OK, but, in retrospect, were pretty much a mess.  We didn’t have the kind of timely and accurate information needed to effectively run our company, and we didn’t have the expertise or time to figure out how to get there.  Working with Jackie has bridged that gap for us.  She is super focused and quickly identifies issues that would have taken us hours or days of forensic accounting to figure out.    She has helped us develop effective standard practices and reporting systems that now provide the kind of data we lacked.

A company owner that decides to work with Jackie needs to be committed to making change, and will need to set aside significant time to follow through.  A good analogy is how our remodeling customers need to dedicate significant time to understanding the design and making decisions. Jackie will push you to get results.  If you have specific financial goals, and you’ve had trouble figuring out how to get there, Jackie has the insight and backbone to bring about the required change.  I have found remodeling accounting and business financial planning is remarkably complicated and working with Jackie has been the missing piece for us.  To be successful, a business owner would be well advised to partner with an expert such as Jackie Shaw.”

Stanley S. Acton,  Acton Construction

“Jackie is a lifesaver!”

“Jackie is a lifesaver! I did not feel like I had it together when it came to our company’s financials.

Jackie helped get us organized (which is the name of her company after all). She helped us adjust QuickBooks so it is set up the RA way. She answered our questions, provided guidance and training, written directions, custom reports, and follow up support. Her remote sessions are very informative and fun. Especially helpful are her follow up emails of our conversations with what we went over and the Standard of Procedures that she sends on the topics we covered after our calls.”

Theresa Ulrich, KGT Remodeling

Database Diagnostic Services

One time review of your QuickBooks database.  Both the techie side of database health and insight into what processes are working, what is not and what is missing.  The report you receive will guide you to the next stages of making your database “Round Table Ready”.

“After meeting with you, I felt much more knowledgeable about QuickBooks and the role it could play in the success of my business.”

“Thank you for your generosity and willingness to share your QuickBooks expertise with me. Your assistance has been invaluable.

I appreciate the QuickBooks database diagnosis that you performed for my business. Your recommendations for improvement, along with your proposal for services, gave me a better picture of what my business needs to move forward. After meeting with you, I felt much more knowledgeable about QuickBooks and the role it could play in the success of my business.

Since my desire was ultimately to find a local QuickBooks professional advisor, your input armed me with the right questions and a clear idea of our needs as I interviewed possible candidates…without hesitation, I would highly recommend your services to others.”

Craig Miller, Kinterra Home Solutions