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BOLI Blitz DVD is divided into easy to share chapters and includes presentations by Jackie Shaw and attorney Lindsay Briggs.  Packet includes DVD, BOLI flash drive, and presentation handouts.

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1 Introduction

2 The Players – You Tube Video

3 Who is Doing the Work?

4 Supervisors & Managers

5 Employee Handbooks with Lindsay Briggs

6 Files, Processes & Procedures

7 I-9 Binder

8 Paying People

9 Medical & Other Leave

Jackie’s Guide to Scam Checking

Scam, Scam, Everywhere a Scam

Scams abound in the workplace.  Calls to take your order for printer cartridges from unknown vendors, calls from ‘Windows Tech Support’, and official looking letters from Corporate Records Service.  It is important to train staff and be watchful for scams.  They can cost your business money and time. 

1.  Empower Your Staff to Watch for Scams 

A well meaning admin could cause a lot of damage if they are not trained to watch for scams.  Windows Help Desk called my home phone a few times to tell me my computer was sending errors and they needed to fix it.  Imagine if I (or your admin) let them have virtual access to the computers. 

Avoid Tech Support Phone Scams

 2.  Watch out for Push Communication

Support for your computers, supply orders and purchasing mandatory HR posters should always be a pull communication.  In other words, you or your staff request the service or product.  If you receive a push communication via phone, email, or paper mail about products and services, be on guard for scams. 

Mandatory Poster Scams

3.  Check for Government Seals

Government agencies usually send correspondence via paper mail so be very wary of emails claiming to be the IRS, etc..  Look for government seals on correspondence.  Documents may look official but unless they have a government seal, they are most likely a scam like Corporate Records Service offering to submit your Annual Minutes to the state for a mere $125. 

Oregon Secretary of State Scam Alerts

Annual Minutes Scam Alert

4.  Google It

If something looks fishy, Google the name of the company and the word scam.  If the page fills with scam reports, you will be glad you took the time to investigate.