Is That Really a Non-Profit?

This time of year many of us start getting lots of requests for donations. In Corvallis alone, there are 283 non-profit organizations who can accept tax deductible donations. Cash and in-kind donations are tax deductible on itemized returns so it is good to keep track of your philanthropy. Not every donation correlates to a tax write off, the donation must be to an eligible non-profit, known as Exempt Organizations by the IRS. It can be useful to confirm the status of the donation requester so you are not surprised at tax time.

Here is the IRS page where you can confirm tax deductible status.
Exempt Organizations Select Check

You can also write off political contributions up to $50 on your Oregon state tax return.
Political contributions ORS

It’s great to give. Tax credits are great too. Just know one does not always mean the other.