Getting Organized, Live Longer

Some time ago I came across the posting titled “7 Thoughts That Are Bad For You” at While enjoying the humorous pictures posted with some of the seven, I also noticed a pattern. I believe four of the seven could be minimized by feeling more organized.

Let’s review the posting for #4: Lack of Self-Control:

“Late for appointments? Can’t keep your desk organized? No self-control? These seemingly benign qualities could take a toll on your health.

A review of more than 20 studies and nearly 9,000 participants revealed people who are conscientious — organized and self-disciplined, as opposed to impulsive — live two to four years longer than others.” (Posted at The posting goes on to describe destructive activities which studies have found are linked to feelings of lack of self-control like excessive smoking and drinking.

Scientific research says that you can live longer if you are less stressed out and better organized. Jackie says that you can save a couple more years. By getting organized, you will spend less time searching, back tracking and in general wasting time. If you spend 30 minutes each work day looking under piles to find that note you need for a meeting that started 5 minutes ago, searching your in box of 400 messages for the contact information of a customer that you were supposed to call yesterday, and complaining to your coworkers, family and friends that you just can’t get on top of things, how much time have you wasted in 10 years?

Taking into account holidays and vacations, over a 10 year period, you will have wasted147 work days, over 60% of a work year. Think about all the great things you would do if someone gave you 147 days to do whatever you want! You can give this gift to yourself. Go to a mirror, look yourself in the eye and say “What am I going to do? Get Organized!”

You can do it and I can help.

“7 Thoughts That Are Bad For You”