Take control of your stuff!

Don’t let your stuff stop you from being the success you were meant to be.

What stuff you ask?  You know all those work projects, problems, tasks, and business ideas that sidetrack your brain and eat up your time.

When you Get Organized!, your business life is in order and you can focus on doing what you do best.

“While I initially contacted Jackie to help with our bookkeeping, we quickly moved beyond the ‘simple bookkeeping’ stuff and into many areas of our business that had been ignored.  In the time that we’ve been working together, we’ve developed an employee handbook; a precise hiring procedure- both for employees and sub-contractors; month end and payroll procedures, and so much more. I cannot say enough about the work that Jackie has helped me do. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the above list (and more), she a joy to work with.

In our business, we promote the experience as much as the quality of the work that we do. Working with Jackie is much the same- not only has the outcome of the work been stellar, the experience of working with Jackie has been a joy. We aim for ‘Thrilled clients’ in our work. I can say that I am definitely beyond thrilled w/ my experience working with Jackie. I look forward to many more projects and years of working together.”

Dave Henderer, Henderer Design + Build

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Our goal is to increase happiness in the world by helping business owners deal with their stuff.

Your goal is to lead a happier life by productively managing your stuff.

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